About us

Cosvas Atlantic, S.L. is a shipping agency acting as the exclusive representative of the Chinese shipping company COSCO SHIPPING LINES for The Canary Islands (Spain) and Mauritania. We are part of the well known Vasco Catalana Group, which has a large experience (founded in 1970) in the shipping and logistics business.

The central offices of Cosvas Atlantic are located in Las Palmas and has its own branch network, associate offices and agents with coverage scope from the Canary Island to the northwestern zone of the African coast.

Canary offices were demerged from the Vasco Shipping Services Company (Vasco Catalana Group), whose presence in the zone goes back to 1999. Cosvas Atlantic relies on a human team that is young, dynamic, and with experience , backed with the support of the services provided by the head office of the Group.

This strategic measure of demerge was taken by top management and approved by the board in order to more effectively promote Cosco’s commercial work. The shipowner that Cosvas represents, Cosco, focuses its interest in the company’s region and has presence in the Board of Directors of Cosvas Atlantic.

Cosvas Atlantic

We were born in 2010, with accumulated experience

Cosvas Atlantic was launched in January 2010 from a segregation of enterprises in Canary Islands of Vasco Shipping Services (Vasco Catalana Group) whose presence in the area dates back to 1999. Cosvas Atlantic counts with a Human Group which brings together youth, thrust and experience and with the support of services offered by the central group.

The strategic decision to segregate this business was made to power and strengthen the presence of Cosco Shipping Lines in the area which counts with the special interest of the shipowners, as shows its active presence on the board of directors of Cosvas Atlantic.

In continuous expansion

Cosvas Atlantic is constantly expanding. In recent years, it has grown apace with Cosco’s increased presence in the market. The Cosco Group is now one of the great giants of the shipping business, owning and operating more than 800 vessels of all types and sizes, with a total deadweight capacity of over 56 million tonnes. Its regular lines include Cosco Container Lines (Coscon) which has one of the five largest fleets in the world with more than 165 container ships and 748.459 TEU capacity in may 2013.

Cosco Shipping, the Giant Asian.

COSCO Shipping Lines Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as COSCO SHIPPING Lines) , affiliated with COSCO Shipping Group, is born with the integrated container businesses of CSCL and its predecessor COSCO , which has been up for business since Mar.1st, 2016. COSCO SHIPPING Lines is a fully-owned subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING Holding Co., Ltd,registered in China (Shanghai) Free-trade Experimental Area with a registered capital of 15.96 billion Yuan. Company is mainly engaged in domestic and international maritime container transport services and related business, as the group’s core business sector.

By November 30, 2017, COSCO SHIPPING Lines has a total of 291 corporate enterprises, including 137 domestic enterprises and 154 enterprises abroad.

Cosco Shipping Lines on the TOP 4.

Following its takeover of China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL), COSCO is now the world’s 4th largest shipping company, the largest shipping company outside of Europe and one of only 4 companies that has a total capacity above 1 million TEU.

Amongst the regular lines which this Shipping company offers, stands out the business Cosco Shipping Lines (Coscon) which since Nov 2017 is in the 4th position in the ranking of global shipping companies with more that 361 container vessels and 2.68M TEU capacity.